The Movement of Algerian Free Officers’

Legitimacy Honor Justice


In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful


The 18th of February, 2011

In the name of the martyrs of the glorious November revolution from officers to regular soldiers of the National Liberation Army, in the name of the martyrs of duty from officers to regular soldiers in the Peoples National Army who sacrificed their lives to defend the dignity of the Algerian Citizen during the era of French Colonialism as well as under the authority of the current criminal based system, and in the name of all the free soldiers who are bonded with loyalty and faithfully serving in the ranks of the Peoples’ National Army.

First of all: We emphasize that the Peoples’ National Army (ANP) is a national institution that derives components of its existence from the depth of the Algerian people whether it is in human numbers, materialism or morals, and derives its legitimacy from the honor of defending the country's independence from any foreign threat and safe guarding the security of Algerian citizens. And therefore employing the ANP outside of its legitimate framework by its leadership every instance, harms the image and reputation of the ANP. This consequently shook the trust of citizens in the ANP and is about to blast the holy relationship that exists between the ANP and the Algerian Citizens if the honest and honorable ranks in the higher hierarchy of the military leadership don’t realize the depth of the situation and act fast to reinstate the authority of the Army Command on the Military Intelligence and clean up all circles and command centers on all levels of suspicious elements that are involved in criminal activity because such groups create a major threat to the unity of the Army and its duties in the future.

Second of all: The ongoing worse to catastrophic situation that our dear Algeria is going through and the circumstances surrounding it nationally and international leaves the loyal army officers the no choice but with the initiative of avoiding the worst and taking brave decisions with accountability, and responsibility in order for the military to be ready when the right time comes to defend the people and vanguard youth if exposed to any armed aggression by the security services and enable them to achieve their legitimate aspirations for a better future that will lets them live in prosperity and freedom.

It is time for Algeria to regain its position that generations of martyrs have fought for, and it is also time for the Algerian citizen to regain his rights to freedom from want, from fear, and live in prosperity a life of dignity under the roof of a new system dominated by the rule of Law and Justice.

Oh faithful members of the People’s National Army,
You are well aware that the corruption of individuals and institutions, the looting of wealth from people and the nation has reached a point where it has become unbearable and this has put our country in eyesight of our enemies and friends and this situation does not show the real image nor does it suit the image of our great history made by our great people via their incredible sacrifices. We cannot, let this situation be inherited by our future generations. This why the immediate removal of the people responsible of this current national catastrophic situation, and those who are responsible for making it worse and more complicated should be a propriety to safe guard the stability of the country, and keep it safe for the present and the future.

Oh faithful members of the People’s National Army,
The national duty obligations falls open every single military personnel to take a firm position filled with integrity, honor and responsibility to serve the higher interest of Algeria as a Nation and as Peoples’ of the same land, by taking a position of unconditional support to the people and aiding them with their struggle in all circumstances.

In these crucial times we call upon all military personnel to listen and respond to the calls of the Algerian people and to protect their march of struggle for the top to bottom change that without it the entire nation falls in turmoil and devastation that will be impossible to get hold of and control. We also call upon everyone to show loyalty to the Algerian fatherland, as a united country, people and goal as well as boycott any figures in the army that might try to create confrontation between the army and the people, if they were military or civilian.

Oh young Rebels,
Here is destiny again coming on to you dear Algerian men and women, for a chance to change that what is not right that which has spread inequality and chaos, and there in no choice for your but to answer the appeal that man have already answered to from men who were loyal to the right cause and our glorious martyrs and take the choice with bravery to make history and fulfill your holy duties with determination, responsibility and sincerity.


Glory to all our martyrs

Glory to Algeria